Interview with Dewey Lambdin

qdMcBooks’s newletter, Quarterdeck, has an interview with the author of the Alan Lewrie novels, Dewey Lambdin, in its January-February edition. Some good info on The Baltic Gambit, which we have featured, and on Lambdin’s history.

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8 responses to “Interview with Dewey Lambdin

  1. V.E.G.

    Dewey Whitley Lambdin is the distant cousin of author Brent C. Doonan, from Wichita, Kansas! His grandmother’s name is Juda Hamblin! Ironically, there are Juda that have the forgiveness connection: Juda Myers’s mother Ann Myers forgive the attackers while Juda Hamblin’s grandson’s extremely distant cousin Brent Christopher Doonan forgive the gunman and Brent is still living.

  2. Keith Michael

    Can you tell me if Dewey’s new book Reefs and Shoals will be coming out in audiobook or audible? Also, why are so many of his books not published in audiobook format? Many of his fans use audio instead of books. Just curious and hoping he will expand his audiobook selections.

    Many thanks and great reading! Keith.

  3. tom lewis

    does mr lambdin have a website? ty

  4. Bob Robertson

    I’ve read 17 of Dewey Lambdin’s books but somehow missed the one which covers his final trial for “stealing” those slaves. The trial which acquits him.
    Can you tell me the NAME OF THAT PARTICULAR BOOK ?

  5. Amy

    Best goshdarn naval adventures history etc I’ve ever read…stirs the mind and gut… like forester love lamb in writing!!!!

  6. Howard

    “damne your eyes, Dewey Lambdin”….I make it policy never to read the same author twice in a row …I purchased 19 of Lanbdin’s books at a yard sale two months ago…..I am now on the sixth straight book on Alan Lewrie…King, Koontz, Follett , Baldacci, Sandford, Feinstein…you guys and gal are just going to sit on my self for a while…My only problem is having trouble with the English being spoken in the books…the English don’t spear American English!

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