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Ramage’s Prize

Ramage’s Prize picks up shortly after where Governor Ramage, R.N. leaves off. Lieutenant Ramage is unemployed in Kingston, Jamaica and it seems unlikely that he will wring another command from Rear Admiral Sir Pilcher Skinner, the commander of the Jamaica Station.

Major spoilers follow.
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Punta Vaca, Culebra, Puerto Rico

punta vacaPictured above is Punta Vaca on Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico.

This is where the survivors of HMS Triton and the merchantman Topaz made landfall in Governor Ramage, R. N. Ramage’s camp would have been in what looks like a hotel complex in the inlet at the upper right.

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Governor Ramage, R. N.

The novel opens in Carlisle Bay, Barbados where Lieutenant Ramage, commander of the brig HMS Triton, is receiving orders, along with the masters of 49 merchantmen and four other escorts, for a convoy to Kingston, Jamaica. Ramage has again found himself under the command of two of his father’s enemies, men who contrived Ramage’s court martial on charges of cowardice when he was in the Mediterannean. He knows the trip will be fraught with professional danger because of his commander, but they are departing at the beginning of hurricane season and the convoy commander, Ramage’s nemesis Admiral Goddard, alludes to one of the merchantmen carrying a very valuable cargo but doesn’t specify which ship.

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