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gibraltarFrom Gibraltar’s capture in 1704 it has been a bastion of British power in the Mediterranean. This was especially true in the dark days as the First Coalition failed and the the British navy lost bases in Corsica and what is now Italy to the forces of the French revolution.

Gibraltar forms a key setting for many novels set during the Age of Sail. In the above photo you are looking from Gibraltar across the bay towards the Spanish port of Algeciras, the scene of Admiral James Saumarez’s initial repulse and eventual victory.

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Vice Admiral Sir Richard Goodwin Keats

admiral richard goodwin keats
The British Navy during the Age of Sail produced more than it’s share of exemplary combat commanders.

One of those was certainly Vice Admiral Sir Richard Goodwin Keats. A man of whom Nelson wrote, “I esteem his person alone as being equal to one French 74…”

Keats proved he was equal to much more than a French 74 in the aftermath of the Battle of Algeciras.

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