Nelson And His World

nelson and his world
One of the great things about blogging on a specialty topic is running into lots of people with similar interests. In the past I’ve introduced you to Old Grey Pony’s chronicles of life in Georgian England as drawn from contemporaneous literature, romance novelist Sophia Nash’s lexicon of period slang, and scaryfangirl’s Hornblower fansite.

Just a few days ago I found this gem. If you are interested in high quality conversation on Nelson, his contemporaries, and his navy, Nelson and His World is the place for you. Please register and join the discussion.

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    I am looking for the author of the followwing photography, which I found on the blog “Nelson & its world” (WorldPress):
    I left messages on the forum but got no reply (seems to have been stopped in 2010).
    I am interested by this photo reproduce it in a small guidebook I am presently writing. My purpose: to illustrate the memorial to Sir Alexander Ball, Gouvernor of Malte for Her Majesty the Queen in ca. 1800.
    Of course I will mention the copyright for the author.
    Would you help me in this way? I will sincerely appreciate.
    Tons of thanks in anticipation.

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