Roses, Spain

This is what remains of the fortress overlooking the harbor at Roses, Spain on the Costa Brava.

It is from the ramparts of this fort that a captive Horatio Hornblower (see Flying Colors) watched a British squadron destroy the four ships of the line his Sutherland had damaged as well as firing the captured Sutherland.

This fort had changed hands several times over the centuries. When the French abandoned Catalonia for good in 1814 they destroyed the fortress.


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2 responses to “Roses, Spain

  1. Thanks for the usefull information. At one side it is nnice to have still the remainings. At the other hand it is a pitty not more is left.

  2. Chak Wong

    As a Hornblower fan, I’m saddened that the ramparts on which my hero watches the destruction of the French & Spanish ships-of-the-line are no more.

    There’s only Ferrol left now!

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