Spratly Islands

We’ve just finished our plot summary of Dewey Lambdin’s The King’s Privateer, the fourth novel in the Alan Lewrie series.

Part of the story is set in the Spratlys. The Spratlys are an unhappy and inhospitable place whose current claim to fame is as a potential flashpoint for a war between Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, and communist China.

The island visited by Lewrie sounds similar to this one.


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2 responses to “Spratly Islands

  1. Giant Grouper in Republic of the Philippines Spratly’s Island. Spratly’s island is belong to the philppine territory not China[, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia.

    • billcrews

      That is certainly a point of view that is popular in the PI. The fact that the Philippines can’t establish actual sovereignty over the area, as evidenced by military bases of at least three other nations in the Spratlys, makes this claim less than convincing.

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